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Download Ludo Ninja, a dice-less game by Zupee, to win real money.

Ludo Online – Zupee Ludo Ninja Reviews

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How do I get the Ludo Ninja Apk on Android?

It is possible to download the Ludo Ninja app by installing the Zupee App. The process is simple and easy. Here’s how to download and start playing Ludo in online mode via Ludo Ninja:

  1. Install this Zupee Ludo authentic money application on your smartphone by pressing the download button.
  2. An overall warning message will appear. Click OK.
  3. Find the app by looking for the notifications on your phone or navigate to “My files Downloads folder”.
  4. Sign in and download the application.
  5. Choose your Ludo Ninja game.
  6. Choose a game format: 1 against. 1 Winner, one winner 2, 2 winners, three winners.
  7. Play Ludo Ninja, with or without the cost of entry.
  8. Get the most points possible to win the game.

About Ludo Ninja

  1. Ludo Ninja is a limited-move dice-free online Ludo game in which players know the following values that will be displayed on the dice. In turn, players can plan their strategies immediately from the beginning. A non-dice format, live tournaments throughout the day, and the chance to win real money make Ludo Ninja a unique online game. Therefore, download Ninja Apk and play Ludo as never before!
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Ludo Ninja Gameplay on Zupee

  1. Ludo Ninja is a dice-less online Ludo game created by Zupee apk. Much like the traditional Ludo game, Ludo Ninja offers a board game that can be played with 2 to 4 players, where the players race four tokens from beginning to finish based on the number printed on the dice.
  2. Players can, however, discern the value of the dice ahead to ensure quick games; players have the ability to move only in a limited amount. You must score the most points in those moves to be successful in the game. To play Ludo Ninja:
    • Select from a variety of game formats: 1 against. 1 One winner, two winners and three winners
    • Select from paid as well as free games. You could win as much as ten lakhs playing paid games.
    • Based on the dice’s upcoming value, choose and move the token.
    • There’s no need for a 6-card to begin playing. The tokens are all in an open position, which makes it a quick game.
    • The opponent’s token can be landed on to take their token and return it to the player. This means that they cannot collect points earned from the token.
    • Each time a box is moved, you earn 1 point, and once your tokens are in the central box, “Home,” you’ll earn 56 points.
    • Maximize points in the restricted number of moves, 24 per player.
    • The player who scores the most points wins the Ludo Ninja game.

 Key Gameplay Points

  1. Ludo Ninja game rules online differ from traditional Ludo game rules.
    • The players are given different coloured tokens to use at the game’s start.
    • All tokens are in an open position. It is optional to have a number 6 to start the game. There aren’t dice to be found in Ludo Ninja. Instead, you’ll observe the number of boxes you are able to move to appear right next to the icon of your profile. You can also view the numbers you’ll encounter in the coming days to help you prepare your strategy in advance.
    • All Ninja players have the same number of moves. They also are given 10 seconds to complete every move.
    • Each player is given an equal number of 1s,2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s but in the opposite order.
    • You forfeit a turn each time you don’t take a step within the stipulated time of 10 seconds. You’ll be eliminated from the game if you fail to make a move three times.
    • There is no additional turn when rolling a number 6 on Ludo Ninja.
    • You can get an additional turn if you cut an opponent’s token or if one of your tokens is returned to you.
    • A player is awarded 1 point for each box that is moved. When the token gets cut, all points earned will be lost.
    • You can earn an additional 56 points for every token delivered to the home.
    • The player who has the highest score is the winner of the game. If there is an unbeatable tie, the money is divided.

Ludo Ninja – Tips & Tricks

  1. Below are some suggestions and tips to help you become a winner in the Ludo Ninja game:
    • Ludo Ninja can be described as a short movement game. Therefore, ensure you plan your moves with care. It could end up breaking or making it difficult for you to play!
    • Click the ‘View All buttons for an idea of what dice numbers you’ll receive the next time. You can plan your moves with this data.
    • Do not be easy on your adversary. Remember that everyone is looking to be successful.
    • Remember that you don’t get an extra round when you score a 6, so it is essential to include this in your game plan.
    • Always protect the token that has risen by the most outstanding amount in your game.
    • Utilize the 10-second timer to your advantage.
    • Utilize the safe boxes in your plan.
    • Make sure you are at least seven boxes in front of your adversaries.
    • Look up your opponent’s profile to see their losses and wins to date. It is possible to determine how skilled the opponent is and plan your strategy to play accordingly.

Ludo Ninja FAQs

What can I do to take my money out of Ludo Ninja?

  • Instantly withdraw your winnings of Ludo Supreme and various Zupee online Ludo Games. You can withdraw your winnings in cash online through Ludo Supreme. Ludo Ninja game. Log into your Zupee account, then click”Withdraw” “Withdraw” button. Input the bank’s information or UPI ID and the amount you wish to withdraw. The funds will be transferred into your account when you select start.

Can I win real Ludo money online on Ludo Ninja?

  • Yes. You can win real cash on Ludo Ninja by playing just 10 minutes of games. Enjoy the game for free, or play with real money. Find out how you can download and enjoy Ludo APK on Android.

Can you play Ludo safely in Ludo Ninja?

  • It is legal for you to enjoy Ludo in Ludo Ninja. Ludo Ninja, owned by Zupee, utilizes secure payment systems to secure your data and provide excellent customer support.

How many players can play this Ludo Ninja online game?

  • A total of 2-4 players can participate at a time in the Ludo Board Game using Ludo Ninja. Each player gets 24 moves.

How do you be successful in winning Ludo Ninja? Ludo Ninja game?

  • Follow the rules of the game to achieve the maximum amount of points to be a winner of Ludo Ninja. The player (in the case of two or three winners) who scores the highest number of points will win the pot of cash. Find out more about fifteen Ludo online game strategies to ensure you win the game.

Can I play Ludo Ninja for free?

  • Yes. You can play free without paying any fee for entry on Ludo Ninja.

Is it legal to pay for the Ludo Ninja online game?

  • Yes. It’s safe to add funds in Zupee’s wallet. Zupee wallet and then play Ludo Ninja. Zupee has agreements with top industry payment providers, ensuring smooth and secure transactions. Adding funds via a bank account or UPI account, Wallet, or a debit/credit card is possible.