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Turbo Speed Ludo

Play Ludo Turbo and win up to Rs. ₹10 lakhs

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Turbo Fast Ludo: Reviews

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Download Turbo Speed Ludo Game

It is possible to download the Turbo Speed Ludo application and install it by installing Zu.

Steps to Download Turbo Speed Ludo Game

Here are the steps on how to download the Ludo Turbo app:

  • Select the “Download option” in order to download Ludo speed.
  • Choose OK to display an overall warning.
  • Find, install, and register the Zupee Gaming application.
  • Locate Turbo Speed Ludo Game.

So, why are you still Downloading Zupee – Real Money Games App?

Speed Ludo Game on Zupee

Speed Ludo combines the traditional Ludo game with speed elements to make it engaging and enjoyable. The playing time is under 10 minutes. Ludo Turbo is a variant that plays the fast Ludo game on Zupee.

Other highly-rated and fast-paced Ludo games offered online by Zupee include – Ludo Supreme, Ludo Supreme League, and Ludo Ninja. Learn Ludo Ninja game rules |Ludo Supreme rules | Ludo Supreme League Rules

How do you participate in Speed Ludo on Ludo Turbo?

Ludo Turbo is a multi-player strategy game for 2 to 4 players.

To play Speed Ludo on Ludo Turbo:

  • Select your speed Ludo game format: 1vs1, one winner, 2, and three winnings.
  • Select one of the Turbo speed Ludo game tournaments. In either case, there is no cost to enter.
  • Make sure to roll the Ludo turbo die. Each token is in the open position. There is no requirement for a 6 to begin playing.
  • Each box moved equals 1 point. For every Ludo token that makes it to HOME, you’ll earn 56 points.
  • Take advantage of your speed Ludo game by gaining maximum points within the time limit.
  • A game played by two players is limited to 30 moves, while a 4-player game is played with 18 moves for each player.

Speed Ludo: Key Gameplay Points on Ludo Turbo

Ludo Turbo game rules can be a bit different from traditional Ludo game rules:

  • All tokens are in the open position. It is optional to have a number 6 to play the game.
  • However, every player receives the same amount of points in an order that is different.
  • Each player gets the same number of moves and is given 10 seconds to complete the move.
  • The game is limited in number of moves. Therefore, ensure that you think about each move carefully. This could break or even ruin your game challenge!
  • You forfeit a turn each time you do not complete a move within 10 seconds.
  • If you miss three times, you’ll be kicked out of the contest.
  • You also get an additional game when cutting off an opponent’s token; each token receives the home whenever the other receives it.
  • If a token has been cut, all points earned will be lost.

How do you be a winner of Speed Ludo online games?

Here are a few strategies and tips to help you win in the Ludo Turbo game:

  • In a game with two players, two players have sixes on their dice five times each. Keep track of the opponents’ movements as well.
  • Take the chance to cut off your opponent’s token. Everyone would like to win.
  • The most valuable token that has progressed the most is the token because it is likely to earn an additional 56 points, and should it be cut, you will lose the most points.
  • Be patient and play your moves when you’re winning.
  • The safe boxes are your best friends. Could you make use of them?
  • Seven boxes in front of your rival are where you should aim to be most of the time.

Speed Ludo Online: FAQs

What is speed? Ludo?

Speed Ludo is a super quick version of the traditional table game Ludo. It usually comes with an end-of-game timer and a restricted number of turns that add to the intense nature of the game. This variant of Ludo requires quick thinking and a strategic approach to be successful. Ludo Turbo is one version of the speed Ludo game.

The other speed Ludo games available on Zupee include Ludo Ninja, Ludo Supreme, and the Ludo Supreme League. Download the Ludo Ninja Apk version | Download Ludo Supreme ApK now | Download Ludo Supreme League.

Can I make money playing speed-ludo games?

Yes. On Zupee, you can win money by playing speed ludo. Other games that require skill that you could play with Zupee include Snakes and Ladders, played online, and the Cricket Trump card game, which is online.

Can I withdraw cash via Speed Ludo games online?

Yes. You can quickly cash out your winnings from the Ludo Turbo game. Log into Zupee. Log in to your Zupee account and then click on the withdraw. Enter your bank information or make a withdrawal through UPI. When you have entered the amount you wish to cancel, click the start button. Read this article for more details on the Ludo withdrawal of money procedure.

How many players are allowed to play the Ludo Turbo game online?

A total of 2-4 players can take part in the speed ludo games with Ludo Turbo. In a two-player game, each player will get 30 moves. In contrast, when playing a game with four players, there are 18 moves.

How do you be a winner in the Turbo speed Ludo game?

Ludo Turbo has to first adhere to the game rules and earn the maximum points to be a winner in the speed ludo games. Check out Ludo Turbo’s 15 Ludo online game strategies to win every time you play the game.

Do I have the ability to play Speed Ludo games on Ludo Turbo for free?

Yes. You can opt to play Ludo games at speed without any entry fee for Ludo Turbo.

Is it legal to include money in Speed Ludo games online?

Yes. Making money available to speed ludo games on Ludo Turbo is secure. Ludo Turbo is a genuine cash gaming Zupee with partnerships with top payment providers. Zupee guarantees safe and smooth transactions. You can make money through a credit or debit card, bank account UPI, Wallet, or.

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