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Ludo is a well-known board game enjoyed and loved by many people for years. It is now online and offers an opportunity to earn cash. Ludo Online provides convenience and accessibility, allowing players to play from anywhere and at any time.

Playing Ludo with Zupee can test your ability to think strategically and have fun while earning real money! The platform features a section devoted to Ludo, which allows players to participate in tournaments and earn real Ludo cash. What is the time to wait? Ludo in the real money India!

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So, get ready to experience the exciting Ludo game, where you roll the virtual dice and carefully shift your dice. Don’t delay; discover the exciting Ludo gaming games now!

Find out more about the Ludo downloading procedure for Android and iOS!


Ludo is a game of navigating four tokens across the board until they reach the centre. In the traditional game, players roll dice and move their respective tokens. It is the winner who can put all the tokens into the middle. The game and rules are given the new dynamism when you play Ludo real money online.

Enjoy the excitement and thrill of online Ludo gaming! Find out how to participate in Ludo games and win money online:

  • Step 1: Choose Ludo Online Format
  • Step 2: Start the Ludo Game
  • Step 3: Capture Ludo Tokens
  • Step 4: Earn Ludo Points
  • Step 5: Unlock Extra Ludo Moves
  • Step 6: Win Ludo Game


  • Begin a thrilling adventure with a range of Ludo styles that are designed to satisfy your competitive side. Pick from the most popular choices like Ludo Supreme (Ludo Supreme Gold), Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo Ludo Supreme, and Ludo Supreme League. Each game has unique play modes like 1vs1, one winning player, two wins, and three winners.


  • Play the real-money Ludo game by choosing the desired token and moving towards the home zone according to the dice number. In contrast to the traditional game, you don’t need to roll a number 6 to get the game going by tapping on the chosen Ludo token to initiate your move.
  • Here are a few standard Ludo game rules that you can play on the internet:
    1. It is optional to roll a 6 to begin the game.
    2. Extra move to take the opponent’s token.
    3. One box moved equals 1 point.
    4. Token reaches home = 56 points.
    5. Three times skipping a chance = disqualification.


  • Learn to master the art of strategy-based gameplay in the Ludo cash game by masterfully capturing opponents’ Ludo tokens. When you place your token over theirs, you will witness their piece returned to the yard, thereby losing the points you accrued. Additionally, you get the chance to collect tokens from your opponents. Therefore, you should embrace the excitement of Ludo gaming while you navigate through strategic manoeuvres and thrilling game-changing variations.


  • Take part in a thrilling sport that includes Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, and Ludo Turbo, where each successful move awards you one point. And taking the token home earns you an impressive 56 points. However, the fun does not end there.
  • Entering the Ludo Supreme League provides an additional thrilling experience. In this strategy-based Ludo variation, each box moved will earn you points and the added benefit of taking the value of a token by cutting it during the game. Get ready to enjoy the thrilling strategy of Ludo games, where strategy and points combine to provide an exciting gaming experience.


  • Roll a 6, and you’ll get an additional move! Be aware that this rule applies to Ludo Supreme and the Ludo Supreme League. For the 4 Ludo games, reaching the number 6 will still grant you an additional move: you bring a token home or take it off the board.


  • To win in Ludo, try to score the highest number of points within the specified timeframe. Every online Ludo game has its timeframe that challenges players to show off their skills as strategists and win Ludo dominance. Join the world of competitive Ludo, where every move is essential, and the ultimate victory awaits the strategic player.
  • So why are you sitting around to do it? Play the dice to earn real cash!


  • Enjoy the best Ludo games experience on Zupee, where beginners and experienced players can enjoy an immersive gaming environment. With the option to play Ludo at any time, play against various opponents, each with their distinct style on the field. Also, take advantage of the opportunity to win real cash during thrilling online Ludo matches. Zupee offers an unbeatable mix of excitement, challenges, and rewards to the game of Ludo gaming.
  • Here are the most important advantages of playing games on Zupee:
    • Win Real Money
    • Skill-based Gaming
    • Fair Play Guaranteed
    • Your Safety Matters To Us


  • Take on real cash Ludo games where the thrill is elevated to new heights, with the potential winnings of up to 10 lakhs. Ten lakhs. You can enjoy a smooth withdrawal process of your Ludo money using either UPI or Bank transfer, ensuring an easy experience. Find out how to use the Ludo withdrawal procedure to get the most value from your winnings.
  • Increase your winnings even more with the Ludo bonus and referral cash, which add excitement and fun to your gaming. Check out the specifics of Ludo’s Ludo internet sign-up bonus to boost your wins, increase your winnings, and make your Ludo experience more enjoyable.


  • Zupee’s platform is geared towards the game of skill. With certifications from the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), Zupee ensures an equal gaming experience for all players. Look at the Skills certifications, which confirm Zupee’s commitment to promoting skills-based competitions and creating an environment that encourages talent to shine.


  • Enjoy fair and challenging gaming through our online platform. You can trust the integrity of the game using RNG-certified Ludo Games. You can play confidently with a free of bots that lets you interact with Indian players to enjoy an authentic gaming experience. The committed customer service staff is always available to help you with any questions or concerns.


  • Participate in Ludo games with Zupee with 100 certainties because Zupee is a secure platform that complies with legal standards. For more information, read Zupee’s privacy policy to learn how we safeguard your information and provide a safe gaming environment.
  • What is it that you’re still
  • It’s time to earn your spot as a Ludo Queen or King to Zupee and convert your virtual triumphs into real cash prizes!


  • Are you contemplating which style of Ludo to play on Zupee? The appeal of the game of Ludo on the internet is the versatility it offers based on your preference and level of expertise. To enhance the enjoyment of your Ludo playing experience, it’s best to understand the guidelines for every version. So why put it off? Start now and play Ludo games at no cost to find the perfect match.

Ludo: Without Dice

  • If you enjoy strategizing, Ludo Ninja awaits, offering a unique format that is dice-free. Be prepared for future values and enhance the Ludo game strategy in this exciting game. Play Ludo online with Ludo Ninja and have an opportunity to win money while displaying your shrewdness. Find out the steps you can take to make money online!

Ludo: With dice!

  • Take a journey into the thrilling world of Ludo by playing dice-based games such as Ludo Supreme, Ludo Turbo, and Ludo Supreme League. Increase your expectations of gaming by playing these top-of-the-line games playing full-on game that hone your strategy. Find your favourite game to get an edge over other players and revel in unbeatable Ludo thrills.

Ludo: moves are limited.

  • Enjoy Ludo in a constrained number of moves by playing Ludo Turbo, Ludo Supreme League, and Ludo Ninja. If you’re drawn to online multiplayer tournaments with limited moves, participate in the online Ludo events on Ludo Supreme League and stand the chance of winning Ludo real cash.

Ludo: Time limit

  • Maximize your points and win the title within a time frame in Ludo Supreme. Take advantage of the exciting possibility to play Ludo and immerse yourself in the exciting, strategically-oriented game {Ludo on the internet. Make intelligent decisions and win in this challenging game with a time limit.


  • Improve the quality of your Ludo online experience by using these savvy strategies. Here are the most effective Ludo-winning tips.
    1. Strategy Ludo Game Plays: Plan your moves carefully by studying the positions of your opponent’s tokens and respecting Ludo online game rules. A well-thought-out strategy could be the deciding factor in winning.
    2. Moving Multiple Ludo Tokens: Spread your moves strategically between multiple tokens to gain more ground and increase your chances of getting more points. Remember that each box moved adds points to your total score.
    3. Guard Your Top Man: Safeguard the token ahead of the others in your line-up. Since the most popular token accumulates more points, ensuring it is in a safe position is vital to your overall performance.
    4. Learn about The Ludo Players: Gain an advantage in your strategy by knowing your opponent’s game statistics, such as their victories and losses. Click on the info icon beside the player’s name to gain valuable information to help you plan better.
    5. Enhance your Ludo skills: Recognize that practice is the best way to develop your skills. Engage in Ludo regularly to learn about different techniques, acquire experience and improve your Ludo gameplay strategies.
  • Explore 15 Ludo Tips and Tricks to Win Online Games.
  • Armed with these strategies, you can learn how to master Ludo and win in online combats. Indulge yourself in the excitement of strategic gaming, sharpen your abilities, and become an authentic Ludo ace. The road to success begins with mastering these strategies. Are you up to take on the challenge?


  • Reviewing the reviews before using Ludo online is essential for the best experience. Reviews offer insight into the game’s quality, user satisfaction, and the possibility of problems. They can help you make an informed choice and ensure that you choose a trusted platform to provide enjoyable and safe online Ludo gaming. Check out the image below to see Ludo Game Reviews: Ludo Review. Review:

Ludo: FAQs

What is Ludo?

  • Ludo is a well-known Indian game played with one or more players. If you choose to play Ludo, the primary goal is to be able to guide players’ tokens to their initial position until they reach the central area on the playing board. The excitement increases when Ludo gamers rotate their wheels, rolling the dice to determine their particular piece’s movement across the board.
  • Ludo is known by many names all over the world. Ludo has many different names, such as Fia or the Fia-spel (Fia it’s game), Le Jeu de Dada (The Game of Dada), and many others. In addition, Ludo is often mistakenly listed by the names Ledo, lido, lodo, Loodo, and so on.

Who came up with Ludo?

  • Ludo originated in India, where the game was played by royalty. It is generally believed that Ludo originated from an Indian game known as Pachisi that dates back more than 1000 years. Pachisi was typically played with a cloth board and used cowrie shells as dice. Modern versions of Ludo that we play are now standardized and developed in the British at the beginning of the 20th century.

How do I get started playing Ludo?

  • If you’re wondering what you can do to start playing Ludo, you should be aware of this. Ludo is an excellent game of strategy that anyone can enjoy. Ludo may be played via platforms such as Zupee or offline using the physical board. The game’s fun and engaging gameplay has made it popular among those who love board games. Follow the rules and game strategies, and you’ll soon become proficient in playing Ludo. Get Ludo for free and begin making the real Ludo winnings in cash.

What is the number of ludo formats available on the internet?

  • Ludo Online games played on Zupee are available in four formats: Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, and Ludo Supreme League. The Ludo games listed are quick and straightforward to comprehend gameplay. Additionally, you have a chance of winning real Ludo cash. Here are some relevant sources: Win cash using Zupee Gold, Ludo Download, and Ludo Ninja Apk version. Win actual cash using Ludo Turbo.

What is the reason to play Ludo on a mobile device?

  • Ludo Ludo on your smartphone isn’t just enjoyable but has many benefits. Mobile Ludo games encourage strategic thinking and increase your ability to solve problems. The online game Ludo allows you to interact with people worldwide, encouraging social interaction. Additionally, the ease of playing Ludo using your mobile lets you play the game at any time, from anywhere. Look over the advantages of
  • Streaming Ludo in the online world.

Do I have the chance to play Ludo at no cost?

  • Yes, there is a way to enjoy Ludo at no cost online. A variety of mobile and online applications provide Ludo games at no cost. Some platforms could include ads or in-app purchases; however, the core game is generally accessible.

Ludo is a game that can be played by how many people?

  • Ludo is a game that can be enjoyed by any number of two to four players. If you want to play Ludo online, playing as a single player is possible. Available, which significantly increases the possibilities of playing. Enjoy the thrill of making intelligent decisions playing this classic game whether you’re looking to play Ludo with your players or in groups. Take part in the Ludo game in multiplayer games and earn real money.

What’s Ludo’s game time?

  • Ludo could take 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the number of players playing and the game’s speed. However, if you participate in Ludo digitally, it is possible to expect a more rapid pace, with games usually ending within 10 minutes.

What are the guidelines of Ludo?

  • Ludo guidelines have minor variations depending on the particular version you’re playing. The basic principle behind playing ludo is moving your dice across the board, aided by the outcome of a dice roll.

Ludo’s Popularity: What’s the Secret?

  • Ludo is a fun game to play. Ludo is an enjoyable and enjoyable experience because of its simplicity and nostalgia. The game is adored by many since it offers a platform for interaction with others, which makes it extremely loved by players. The primary appeal of playing Ludo is its capacity to bring people together to share an engaging board game.

Is Ludo online safe?

  • Playing Ludo offers a lot of fun and is often free. To enjoy Ludo, ensure that the sources you download from are trustworthy for your security. Make sure you choose reputable apps or gaming sites to play Ludo. Be careful regarding your data and in-app purchases, and follow the privacy guidelines to ensure your personal information is secure. In the crowded marketplace, Zupee Ludo stands out as it offers a 100 completely risk-free gaming environment supported by over seven crore players who have verified their accounts. Review their online Ludo review.

How can I be a Ludo King?

  • To be the Ludo King, concentrate on strategy, patience and flexibility. Improve your gameplay skills with repetition and watching. Learn from your opponent’s moves and make strategies for your moves. Be patient in the face of defeat, adjust your plan depending on the situation, and use opportunities to win on the Ludo board. Here are a few Legends of Ludogame players who took home real cash.